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…”The flag really represents freedom to me and freedom of religion, freedom of speech and free enterprise.  This flag and the one at the store are meant to serve as a sign of gratitude to God for allowing me to be born in a free country and to the men and women of our military who preserve and protect our freedoms…”  … R. Dodson.

Measuring an awe-inspiring 90 feet long x 47 feet wide, “Old Glory” is one of the largest and most unique American Flags of its kind ever constructed. Creating “Old Glory’s” vibrant presentation, more than 4 miles of LED lighting, installed by Nelsons Seasonal Decor and powered by Hittle Electric, Inc. are capped with 30 tons of crushed glass to provide an astonishing display of freedom both day and night. To ensure “Old Glory” never falters, the stars and stripes are enveloped inside a frame, fabricated by Zanesville Steel using 2,000 linear feet of COR-TEN steel. Anchored on 23 concrete pilings, buried five feet beneath a foundation of 1,000 tons of compacted soils and stone, may “Old Glory” be a guiding light for generations to come.

Beginning as one man’s vision, born out of immense love and pride for his country, construction of “Old Glory” began the 1st day of August 2019. Through the hottest days of the year, men worked hundreds of hours, poured sweat and blood, moved thousands of tons of earth, steel, and concrete to bring a vision to life. On September 11th, 2019, the construction of “Old Glory” was completed.

The building of “Old Glory” was a labor of love for Hartman Landscaping, and though the physical costs of her construction will never compare to the sacrifices of those before us, it is because of those sacrifices that we were honored with the project of a lifetime.

We would like to thank all of the contractors involved in the success of our project. Special thanks go to Zanesville Steel, Ltd., Nelson’s Seasonal Décor, LLC., Hittle Electric, Inc. and more. A special thanks to Mr. Dodson for trusting us with his vision, to display American Pride.

May we never forget…

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